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Venezuela Want Their Opponents Keep Continue Underestimate Them

Throughout the history of the football, only now Venezuela is able to set the foot on Copa America's semifinals. But even have already created the name in the book of football history, La Vinotinto just want to continue to be underestimated by the opponents

Venezuela is not a country with relatively large force in South American football, which is filled with a number of powerful countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. They has never had qualified for the World Cup finals stage. At regional events such as Copa America, Venezuela coould not talk much.

Before Copa America this year, Venezuela's best achievement was in the top five in Copa America 1967. It was achieved because there are only six country participating in the finals stage - competition format was still using the robin round system.

After that, the achievement which is fairly glossy was in 2007 when they reached quarterfinals. But now Venezuela makes a history by having a pass to Copa America's semifinals this year.

"This is a historic achievement, but our players are not satisfied with the results, they want more, especially because we said we will beat Chile," Venezuela coach Cesar Farias said in Reuters.

A Venezuela step up to the semifinals was hacked from group phase after successful draws against two tough teams, Brazil and Paraguay. That result brought Venezuela into the quarterfinals and in the process beat Chile 2-1 on Monday (7/18/2011).

"I was surprised at the end of every game played by Venezuela, a team that our opponents always said if we played bad or we do not deserve the results. Well, okay. Let them continue to look down on us," said Farias.

In semifinals, Venezuela will meet again with Paraguay which winning their quarterfinals against Brazil.

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